Crush !t seminar

First of all I would like to thank 360 Dewan for the amazing pictures he provided me with as I was so involved that I forgot about taking pictures!

You know when you finally meet some people who understand exactly how you feel towards the whole social media thing? Understand the hardships and the fears one may go through when they are first introduced to the fast and spinning social networks? Not only that. You know the feeling when your head is crushed with none stop ideas and thoughts that are too fast to be written down or recorded?
This is what I felt personally when I attended the the Crush !t first launching seminar that was presented by both Khalid Al-Zanki & Hind Al-Nahedh in Zain headquarters. This amazing seminar was launched by the help of  Zain Kuwait, Burgan Bank, Cinescape, Cinemagic and HighPro. Burgan bank  were more than kind as they gave all the participants a prepaid Burgan bank card.

It’s not only a blogger’s circle, Crush !t main target is to show the participants (businessmen, bloggers, to be bloggers…etc) the right way of using the social media for the good reasons and:

“how to use the power of the Internet to turn your real interests into real businesses, and harness that power to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.” Crush it!

This is not all! The amazing online celebrity  Gary Vanerchuck is expected to come for a presentation and an open discussion with the all the participants sometime soon.

The whole experience was great =) Waiting for more soon!

Thank you crush !t team for the great opportunity.


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