Are you up to the challenge? Rising the bar

In a response to the great idea suggested by Q8 blend and the excitement of my dear friend Froyonation to take their  challenge =D , I want to suggest some books and reading tips for them and their readers to read during Ramadan.

For me, reading is not restricted to a month, occasion, or even just studying. Reading is an amazing gift and I consider myself so lucky that I can read and enjoy it.

If you’re not a big fan of reading, choose some topic that interests you. Whether it’s politics, religion, fiction, history…etc, it’s always good to start with something you love. Because it will leave a good impression on you, therefore, it will be implanted in your head that reading is a full of pleasure activity. (I don’t think I`ll ever stop writing when it has to do with reading!)

So, I want to raise the bar a little bit for you guys =D (and for me as well!) We are going to read 3 books! (Yes 3!)

1- The Holey Quran.

2- An Islamic book.

3- A book of your choice (That’s my treat!)

My suggestions for Islamic books are :

  • رجال حول الرسول – خالد محمد خالد 

An amazing book that you can read many times. It has the stories of all the blessed  “Sahaba” and the details of their lifestyle in both before and after Islam. It is always good to know more about them and try to apply their sense of wisdom and manners in your everyday life.

  • نساء حول الرسول- محمد برهان

Is similar to the book above, but it’s about women “Sahaba”. It is a great choice for female readers and one of the most amazing idols are written about in this book.

  • لا تحزن- للشيخ عائض القرني

Is a famous great bestseller! It’s a combination of Quran, Hadeeth, poetry and literature. Many people admit that their life has changed after reading this book. It has different chapters about different issues people face in their lives, how to deal with them in reference to Hadeeth and Quraan.

I believe that all those books are available in Jareer Bookstore as they have the best collection of Arabic books in Kuwait.

Now beside the Quran, and the Islamic book, I want you to read a book  from you choice. Whether you liked its title, book cover or it just looks good on the coffee table or shelf! Just grab it and read it.

Minaret is an amazing book I read recently and posted a review about it in my blog. Another great book is “Three Cups of Tea” By Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. You can check the website here as it is such an inspiring book. You’ll love it.

If you love classics, I would suggest Jane Austin’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or ‘Sense and Sensibility’. However, they might be little bit hard to read if you do not do it often. This is supposed to be a book of your choice so just go to ‘Jareer’, ‘Virgin’, ‘That Al-Salasel’ or ‘The Kuwait bookshops LTD in Al- Muthanna complex’ (MY FAVORITE).

If it is an Arabic book I suggest Jareer as they are full of them, however, Virgin Mega store and The Kuwait Bookshops in Al-Muthanna have better prices for English books.

I just go crazy when it come to books =D Let me know what books you got!

Have a good reading!


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