DEV copying GAGA?

Some friend recently sent me this new music video by DEV, I just can’t help but seeing that the video is very similar to GAGA’s “Bad Romance” Music Video. Not that I care for both but DEV chose the wrong person to copy!
What do you think?


9 thoughts on “DEV copying GAGA?

  1. I love this song 😀 The styles are similar but I think DEV’s is the better one. It’s interesting to watch not like Gaga’s who only makes pure none sense and makes you regret the 3 minutes you wasted from your life watching her video 😛

    • Well yes I like this song, but you know, even their faces look the same, It’s really weird =/ and for Gaga, I prefer her songs without the music video, less complexities

  2. I dislike Dev A LOT! I just saw a photo of her and her hair looked IDENTICAL to Gaga’s hair at the 2010 Brit awards when she sang Dance In The Dark. The weird part is that the photo of Dev was a In The Dark advertisement on one of Gaga”s videos -__-

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