“Khaybar” The Best Tikka Chicken in Kuwait

Away from all the fuss of the new brand name restaurants, away from all the busy malls and long ques waiting for FOOD, resides “Khaybar” one of my favorite restaurants in Kuwait. “Khaybar” is an Indian and Chinese restaurant that has two branches, one in Kuwait City next to Al-Muthanna Complex, and the other one in Al-Bedaa, near the Scientific Center.

I always wanted to make a review about it with nice and neat pictures, but is seems impossible to enjoy food there while taking photos as things get very messy when the food arrives because this is, ladies and gentlemen, one of the restaurants where Etiquette cannot be applied! If you ever got the chance to go there (You wont regret it), you will be served at the beginning some Papad bread with 2 kinds of sauces. You can order their delicious spring roles and a simple green salad for appetizers, Khaybar Chicken Tikka (My fav) with a choice of Poori or Nan bread (I suggest Poori because Nan comes with butter and might be too heavy)

Ancient but special

Cozy place with some Indian music (P.S They have cabins)

Yummy spicy Papad Bread

The dipping sauce (The red one has a spectacular taste with small lemon pieces inside while the other one tastes like yogurt and cucumbers)

The yummy oily and crunchy Poori bread

The yummy Kahyabr Tikka Chicken. If you are not a very spice lover, never order the spicy chicken, because it’s really really spicy!

When you finish eating, they usually bring you a small pot with hot water and a lemon for you to wash your hands in. They also bring you some herbs (I`m bad at names) so it takes all the bad breath away and eases the digestion.

Many of you might say (It’s exactly like Tikka restaurant) NO IT’S NOT!

The chicken is different, the service is different, the whole experience is different.

P.S: The pictures may not be very good or detailed, but when you go there you will know why!



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