Sweet Hearts Campaign

So today I was in the Avenues with friends having lunch in “…” restaurant. Anyway, I ordered Grilled Mushrooms and it was horrible. Like really horrible that I can’t see that dish again in my life. So I was feeling really bad for leaving all that food uneaten and was thinking of those Hungry people in Africa, I felt really really bad.

But suddenly, I saw this BEAUTIFUL huge red booth in the second floor, with all those small hearts that mesmerized me into that place and I didn’t realize what I was doing until I was done.

Yes people! I donated blood today! (I know I sound too excited but I really am!) I always wanted to donate blood but I never had the chance to go to the blood bank and do that. But now, the Sweet Hearts Campaign are willing to “Paint Kuwait in Red” The people working there are really nice and professional. And the nurses are taking extra care of the donators. I`m glad I saw it after my food crime, it eases the feeling of guilt.

The process was painless and I didn’t feel dizzy at all! Go there and show your support.

P.S: I was too excited that I forgot to ask when will they finish their campaign in the avenues. You may want to rush there before it’s all done


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