Krik? Krak! Book Review

I know it hasn’t been that long since I wrote my last book review, but I finished this book in a matter of two days! You know, one of those books you read when you don’t feel like reading something tough and complicated.

A simple interesting collection of stories by Edwidge Danticat, a Haitian and American writer which her mixed feelings are reflected in her beautifully told stories. The book is a collage of nine stories which are interconnected together to form an idea to the reader of how Haitian people reflect to both  the internal intellectual and sensational world, and the external harsh judgmental world.

“Krik? Krak!” is a two words  local tradition as when the Haitians tell a story they say “Krik?” and the Eager listeners answer “Krak!”.

Why do I like this book?

It’s not just simple and interesting, but it has all the elements a post colonial writer should have acquired. The writer does not neglect her origins, nor criticize her society in a negative way. However, she choose to show us the true soul of a Haitian female. The characters seem to be moving on towards a more logical and a reasonable life, but with a spice of a Haitian superstitions and beliefs.

I cannot describe this book no matter how I tried to do so. So I`ll just leave you to enjoy it!

Have a good reading!


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