Dignify your food

Throwing food away is one of the most disgusting acts I see in Kuwait. I’ve been raised in a family that does not throw food unless it’s rotten. So seeing food thrown away like crazy in restaurants and in some houses drives me crazy.

Why am I talking about this now?

It’s just so sad to hear on the news that 60 child die every day in Africa due to the starvation in the east and horn of Africa. Is stopping this act will help those poor hungry dying children?                                                                                                                    No it won’t. But at least it will show some respect and dignity to this bless and to those hungry people. And now since Ramadan is on the doors, this act repeats itself every single day.

What can you do?

Here are some things you might do to save your trashcans from food poisoning:

  1.     You may want to ignore the Etiquette that asks us to leave the quarter of our juice in glasses. A small sip of that juice could give a hungry child an extra day to live.
  2.     Do not put extra food in your plate. Put the convenient and appropriate amount of food you think is enough. Remember that you can always add later. Especially in Ramadan, People tend to cook and put extra food in their plates, which will lead you to be overfull, fat, and will probably throw the rest of your dish away.
  3.     Extra food can always be given away or eaten next day (not all kinds of dishes). But if you are a person who cannot eat the same dish 2 days in a row, you may want to put the rest in small glass containers in your freezer. You can always heat it up for later meals. (That’s what we usually do).
  4.    Some leftovers can be used for creating a different meal. E.g.: Leftover chicken can always be put into sandwiches with your favorite sauce.

Those are some of many other ways people use to save food waste. It’s not about saving money or forcing yourself eating things you don’t wish to eat. It is a matter of getting used to a right way of living. A way where you can look beyond the fancy taste and your full stomach.

Just dignify your food, for the sake of Africa and other hungry people around the world.


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