Caramel Desserts ~Yummy in my tummy~

While I was checking the new ‘Bazza Cafe’ today  I noticed the ‘Caramel Desserts’ name board. I sneaked in there to see the multiple layers cakes and ended up buying a very yummy chocolate snickers cake =D Here are some photos that I took for the different creative and classy shapes of cakes there.

I`ll leave you now to enjoy the photos =D

I just love the colors!

So classy and elegant

Don’t you just love Matroshkas? Elegant ones of course =D

Very beautiful bag and box, just like fairy tales


Very very yummy! I wish I can share it with all my readers…..just kidding! It’s all MINE!

You can get yours by visiting them in their store in Bneid Al Gar Block 1.  in Al-Manar Complex or calling them on 22533257/8 for any orders!


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