Wanna Mind Map your summer?

One of the many things I learned in a PDP (Personal Development Course) that I took recently is How and Why we should do a mind map. A mind map in it’s simplest description is away to organize your approach to reach your goals through diagrams. It can be applied to short or long term goals. It’s really nice and easy way to arrange your ideas and to make the best of your time =D What I love about the mind map that you can do it the way you want, you can draw yourself in the middle of it and use colorful drawings and fonts for each section. You may also want to make it large and hang it on your wall to remind yourself of the things you need to do! Mind Maps can also be used by centering an idea in the middle and arranging the successful brainstorming results after it. It can be very helpful in solving practical problems and Issues. The reason why I wanted to you to know/remind you of the mind map  is that we are heading ‘ and some of us already did’ to summer vacation, and using it would really help making the best of our time!


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