Old Kuwait

I have always been interested in old things, books, antiques, clothes…etc. So while I was checking the books that I should read this summer, I found this really Interesting book between my Grandfather’s old books. I cannot tell you how old it is as it doesn’t have a date on it. But it has one of those yellowish orange sheets that are still stuck to each other from the top and smells like…OLD. So I decided that every now and then I`ll post some interesting pages from it so you dear readers can enjoy an easy way of learning about the interesting facts about old Kuwait.

P.S: I regret posting this in English but my weak Arabic writing doesn’t qualify me to publish using it.

That’s the cover page of the book ” It is Here where Kuwait has stareted” By Abdullah Al-Hatem

The page below is talking about the first restaurant ever in Kuwait =D It is nice to know about the first restaurant as now Kuwait is full of different kinds of food nowadays. I also love the nice technique and ironies represented by the writer =D I`ll leave you to enjoy this section for today =)

                Interesting right?

 I like the fact that the writer is not only talking about the story but providing a very simple and interesting historical analysis for the reader in order to enjoy reading it and to make it stick in our heads.

This book is full of such interesting facts which I will try to post every once in a while =)


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