So yes people, I graduated, it feels…well I don’t know exactly how it feels, It’s an odd feeling. What do people usually do after their last final? Going out, celebrating, dancing, shopping…etc.
But this is not exactly the way I spent my first couple of days after graduation. As soon as I came home, I started cleaning. YES! Cleaning. It is surprising because I`m not that sort of person, the one who cleans you know. But starting from my desk, throwing away two boxes of unnecessary papers, pens, old magazines, rotten gum…It feels great to get rid of many useless stuff…but not very great exactly, as I`m throwing away four years of my life, four years of good and bad times, of new experiences and knowledge, of fear and anxiety, of many many happy memories, and other sad. But yes, I decided to throw that away. Throwing it behind my back and moving on towards…towards…towards the unknown. Yes, the unknown, I`m not afraid of it, it looks and feels scary but I decided to keep walking, not caring. It is like starting this blog and not knowing where to go with it. But I`m sure it will be fine eventually. Exactly like cleaning, when I clean and clean and then stop in the middle of the process, not knowing what I was doing, but eventually I find my way to end it and it always looks great, as it always will =)


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