I am so sorry for not writing lately. But many things are going on and I promise you all that when I come back soon I will be in a fresher mood and will have many things to talk about and discuss.

Thank you for understanding!
Enjoy your week =D


‘Email Diamant’ Toothpaste

Does anyone remember this weird toothpaste? I was trying a new toothpaste and it just reminded me of this one. We used  it long time ago when I was a kid. I still remember its weird taste and the reddish color of my teeth after brushing them. I confess now that I used to squeeze the tube in the shower and pretend that I was cut and murdered because water turned into red….little imaginative me!  I don’t know If it is still available in Kuwait markets. So let me know If you noticed it while shopping for your toothpastes!

I didn’t remember the name so I Googled  ‘Old Red toothpaste’ and I got what I wanted below =D


The hair dryers’ attack

Seriously, this is exactly what I feel while walking in this beautiful beautiful weather. Whether at day or night, the hair dryers seem to be following me everywhere. I hate hair dryers, and I never use them.  So…I decided to fight the hair dryers’ weather, and I decided to WIN! So that’s exactly what I did today:

Smart ha?! I know I know I have such an artistic hand

P.S: that thing on the roof is a dying bird! and it seriously took me less than 2 minutes to dry my hair. True that it’s messy, but I won the battle, and you can’t get away from a successful battle without a messy hair.

Try this and tell me how it goes =D

Loyac launches their new magazine ‘LOYACE’

Finally! Loyac have launched their new magazine ‘LOYACE’. This magazine is concerned with different things that are related to Loyac’s activities and youth programs.

‘LOYACE’ is available in Starbucks and around school campuses. If you would like to share an article or to advertise in their next issue, you can contact them via this email:

Good Luck Loyac! They always come up with the best ideas to develop the youth.

P.S: It is worth noting that Loyac has been certified as best practice

“Well behaved women seldom make history”

So the other day I was having my breakfast at The Early Bird in Jabriya and I noticed this quotation hanged on their billboard  “Well behaved women seldom make history.”  What do you think?
I don’t believe that behavior is much related with making history, but what behavior might refer to in this quote is to taking risks. It somehow reminded me of The Dalai Lama’s saying : “Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.” Taking risks is one of the many things that we do in our daily life without paying attention to them.  So remember to take risks everyday, they are those small things that are pushing you forward.

Enjoy making your own history =D

Caramel Desserts ~Yummy in my tummy~

While I was checking the new ‘Bazza Cafe’ today  I noticed the ‘Caramel Desserts’ name board. I sneaked in there to see the multiple layers cakes and ended up buying a very yummy chocolate snickers cake =D Here are some photos that I took for the different creative and classy shapes of cakes there.

I`ll leave you now to enjoy the photos =D

I just love the colors!

So classy and elegant

Don’t you just love Matroshkas? Elegant ones of course =D

Very beautiful bag and box, just like fairy tales


Very very yummy! I wish I can share it with all my readers…..just kidding! It’s all MINE!

You can get yours by visiting them in their store in Bneid Al Gar Block 1.  in Al-Manar Complex or calling them on 22533257/8 for any orders!

Music Industry in Kuwait?

I got this news letter today from ‘Kuwait Music’ discussing the situation of the almost disappearing music Industry in Kuwait. They are starting an interesting debate on their website discussing the obstacles that are facing the young generation’s music in Kuwait. You can check their debate here on their website and share your ideas.
Frankly, I do not know much about music industry whether in Kuwait or around the world, but I do support putting an end to the meaningless obstacles that are facing the youth’s attempts to be creative and different. I also support those who want to publicize music events in Kuwait because nothing feel worse than missing a nice interesting musical event in the town because of low publicity! You may want to like their page on facebook to be up to date with the latest musical shows around.

Old Kuwait

I have always been interested in old things, books, antiques, clothes…etc. So while I was checking the books that I should read this summer, I found this really Interesting book between my Grandfather’s old books. I cannot tell you how old it is as it doesn’t have a date on it. But it has one of those yellowish orange sheets that are still stuck to each other from the top and smells like…OLD. So I decided that every now and then I`ll post some interesting pages from it so you dear readers can enjoy an easy way of learning about the interesting facts about old Kuwait.

P.S: I regret posting this in English but my weak Arabic writing doesn’t qualify me to publish using it.

That’s the cover page of the book ” It is Here where Kuwait has stareted” By Abdullah Al-Hatem

The page below is talking about the first restaurant ever in Kuwait =D It is nice to know about the first restaurant as now Kuwait is full of different kinds of food nowadays. I also love the nice technique and ironies represented by the writer =D I`ll leave you to enjoy this section for today =)

                Interesting right?

 I like the fact that the writer is not only talking about the story but providing a very simple and interesting historical analysis for the reader in order to enjoy reading it and to make it stick in our heads.

This book is full of such interesting facts which I will try to post every once in a while =)