Kuwaiti Tradition @ P2BK 5th Exhibition

This is my second post about P2BK. In the expo, the traditional factor was always present. Whether in the modern creative pieces of art and clothing, or in the music and dances. However, this booth was special because they encourage Kuwaiti youth to document their identity through art.

All Kuwaiti hand made.

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Valentina Maria Baginska @ DAI’s Music Night

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this special music night at DAI, although I know it’s going to be my loss! I have attended two musical concerts for Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska and I loved them all. I also was lucky enough to attend their Polish traditional music night celebrating the national day of Poland. However I lost the pictures and the videos I took that day and I was unable to write about it! It was a really special night with lots of beautiful folklore music that sticks to your head.

You can watch and listen to that night’s music here. ( Enjoy it )

If you have and extra hour on Wednesday, I suggest you go there to enjoy the marvelous talent of that amazingly humble and talented lady and her son.

Performers :
Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska – Organ
Karol Kusmider – Cello, Presenter, Assistant

Baroque Music Concert featuring organ and cello. Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska and Karol Kusmider will present Baroque music of British, Danish, French, German and Italian composers.

14th March 2012, 
7 p.m
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre

FA Gallery P2BK 5th Exhibition

This photo is by :buzberry

I went to the opening of the 5th P2BK exhibition and I`m glad that I did. I enjoyed almost every booth there and tried to update my head with so many creative things that are happening in Kuwait and the Gulf region. I will not make a whole post about it nor I will write about every single thing I saw there (impossible!) but I will share with you what I thought was unique, impressive and worth knowing about.

I started of course in FA Gallery booth as I can smell a painting from distance.

Beautiful work of art by:

Mohammad Sharaf 

1- That’s How We Watch the World – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

2- Prison Wont Keep Me Silent – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

Talal al-Maiaan – Digital Print on Canvas

I love his work, especially that it has calligraphy.

A beautiful one with calligraphy and Islamic patterns. The color is so deep that it made me mesmerized. It’s like it has no end.

Those ones are also by the same artist. I love the colors, the famous old Arab characters and the calligraphy. Such paintings would definitely look good in a modern style living room.

You can check FA Gallery facebook page here for more information about their events and expos.

P2BK Expo to be continued…

A naked ignorant or an educated covered?

What does women liberation mean? The concept of the liberation of women has been misinterpreted for decades. What kind of freedom does a woman want? And when can we call a woman free?

Women have started their revolution asking for simple and basic life rights for over a hundred years for now. And their revolution has never finished, and will never finish until each and every woman is educated.

Many women and men in different communities believe that women should take off their clothes and walk naked to be called open minded and liberated. Others think that not getting married is liberation by itself! Amputating needs, desires, and naturalism from their lives is another reason for women to think that they feel liberated. Powerful political positions are sometimes a goal for “liberated” women.

But what if that female president, or that famous businesswoman, was not doing what she really wants? Only forced by her “liberated thoughts” and the “liberated society” to be whatever she is?

This kind of problem is facing not only women but human beings in general. Everyone seems to be looking for what is hard to get, and what they don’t have, and start drawing their life lines trying to reach it. Everybody wants what they don’t have and should have instead of looking at what they have and should use. I believe that God provide tools for each and every human on this earth, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, beliefs, and status in the society. Those tools are for them to use wisely to benefit themselves and the humanity. If one keeps looking for what they don’t have, he/she will always be disappointed, angry, and frustrated. One should use what he/she has and be creative.

So again, a woman doesn’t need to take of her clothes to be free. Nor she has to let go neither her values nor her beliefs to be free and liberated. Liberation is a matter of choice. If you choose to get naked then you are free, and if you choose to be covered then you are free as well.

However, freedom and liberation need education as education provides the human with the ability to know how to choose, what to choose, and let people choose! Education is at the end the only way to any possible freedom and liberation. A liberated person must be educated, and an educated human deserves liberation. As the German philosopher and writer J.W. von Goethe once said “There is nothing worse than ignorance in action.”

Everyone should get over their genders and start working for themselves, their society, and the rest of the world. And remember that “It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple: one must be a woman manly, or a man womanly.”

The Journy of Falcons: A celebration of patriotism in art

Twenty-one falcons were created and designed by love. And twenty-one years separate us from the liberation day. Beautiful and innovative ideas were used to show the heritage of a country on the skin of a huge falcon. Companies, schools, institutions and artists worked creatively on those falcons, to show what Kuwait resembles for them. Each falcon has a name, and a story behind him. The 21 falcons were shown in public in 360 mall, and now they are designing the entrance of P2BK Exhibition. The falcons are going to be for sale and the money will benefit the participating institutions and other charity works. P2BK have also organized a photography contest based on those falcons.

P.S Thanks to my friend Froyonation for most of the pictures (the good ones of course) as my battery died that evening.

I’ll leave you to enjoy the beautiful work of art.

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